with rates up to 3.10% APY1 to help you reach your savings goals faster. See all rates.

One of the best interest rates in the country

Accelerate your savings goals with a SmartyPig account. From vacations to retirement, our high-yield savings account rate tiers help everyone save more for their money.

Set it and
forget it

It’s easy! You decide how much and how often you want to contribute and SmartyPig does the rest, from monthly contributions to direct deposit from your paycheck.

It's Free

No fees to join. No fees to save. No fees to withdraw. Open multiple online savings accounts for different savings goals. In fact, you actually earn money when you save with SmartyPig’s high-yield online savings accounts!

It’s Smart

The smartest way to purchase things is with the money you already have. SmartyPig helps you replace the “buy-now-pay-later” approach with a “save-then-spend” mentality. Start saving money with SmartyPig's high-yield savings accounts.

It's Rewarding

Instead of being charged a high interest rate by your credit card company after you buy something, why not be paid high interest for simply saving up for it first?

Deposit Balance Required to Earn Rate APY (Annual Percentage Yield)1
$0.01-$2,500 3.10%
$2,500.01-$10,000 3.10%
$10,000.01-$50,000 3.10%
$50,000.01+ 3.10%
It’s Safe

SmartyPig online savings accounts are securely held at Sallie Mae Bank and are FDIC-insured up to the maximum amount allowed by law.

Find Out for Yourself

Don’t just take our word for it. Give it a try. Open a SmartyPig account today and discover why we are one of the top destinations for savings.

Start Saving

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