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Meet the 2019 recipients of the America Saves Designation of Savings Excellence

Today, America Saves proudly announced its recipients of the 2019 Designation of Savings Excellence. Comprised of 18 financial institutions, these banks and credit unions are recognized for their commitment to motivate their communities to become more financially stable through opening new savings accounts, increasing savings deposits, and creating an automatic savings plan. This is the fifth year of the America Saves Designation of Savings Excellence Award.                 

SmartyPig’s Top 2018 Travel Goals

SmartyPig® customers are broadening their horizons and saving for experiences and journeys across the world. Our users have saved over $17 million to date to visit the destinations that matter to them.  Here are the top travel goals they’re saving for.

SmartyPig Wins Prestigious W3 Web Awards Silver Prize

NEWARK, Del. – December 7, 2017 – Sallie Mae and SmartyPig are proud to announce that the SmartyPig website was a Silver Winner in the W3 Awards.

Sallie Mae Increases Savings Rates for Smartypig Customers

SmartyPig Savings Account Now Offers 1.05 Percent APY on Accounts Up to $10,000;
1.15 Percent APY on Accounts with More Than $10,000

Open a New SmartyPig Account or Set Up a New Recurring Deposit into a New Goal
This July for a Chance to Win $1,000

Meet the 2017 recipients of the America Saves Designation of Savings Excellence

Today, 32 banks and credits unions were awarded the America Saves Designation of Savings Excellence and eight financial institutions received honorable mentions. The award is presented annually to financial institutions that make extraordinary efforts to encourage saving during America Saves Week/Military Saves Week and succeeded in encouraging customers and to open and add to wealth-building accounts.

Get money tips from our savviest savers

We asked SmartyPig customers to tweet their best tips for saving money—and oh boy, did they deliver! Now we’re sharing some of the best savings tips all in one place.

How To Budget: A Simple, Flexible Method For Everyone

Creating a budget can seem overwhelming.

The categories often used to classify our expenses are too numerous to count — transportation, utilities, business, education, entertainment, financial expenses, food, gifts, and so on, plus all the subcategories within them.

SmartyPig creates online savings plan to reach a goal

Think pig: Social Money President Scott McCormack promotes social-banking system SmartyPig.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A 2008 start-up called SmartyPig has combined social networking and banking to offer a new way to save, and in four years has helped people reach almost $3 billion in savings goals.

The business was created by Des Moines natives Michael Ferrari and Jon Gaskell in 2008 as a high-tech way to encourage people to save for specific goals. Ferrari came up with the idea when his first son was born and he needed to save money for his son's college education.

Looks and Sounds Like a Bank, but Isn’t, Quite

If you’re setting out to reinvent basic savings and checking accounts, one way to get attention is to create a service that’s truly different.

In the last year or two, companies and services like Kasasa, PerkStreet and SmartyPig have accomplished this, offering interest rates and rewards that leave many bank products in the dust.

The companies haven’t stopped there, though. They’re also trying to appeal to consumers’ fury after the financial crisis by one-upping one another in the nasty things they say about big, old-fashioned banks.

Web Sites that Help You Put Aside Money

With the economy recovering slowly, Americans are looking for quick and easy ways to save more money. On "The Early Show" Tuesday, CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis pointed to several Web sites that specialize in helping you cut your monthly expenses and build your savings.

FOR BUILDING YOUR SAVINGS: SMARTYPIG.COM This is essentially an online piggy bank that helps you save money for your short and long term goals.

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