Tutorial: Mobile App

The SmartyPig mobile app provides a secure and easy way to access your account information quickly while on the go. View the current status of your goals, your friends' goals, your transaction history, and transfer additional money to any goal — including your friends' goals — right from your phone.

A Few Features

  • What Am I Saving For Again?

    View up-to-date information about all your savings goals, including complete access to your goal balances, details and transaction history. Like what you see? Post a quick comment to your Facebook and Twitter account right from the mobile app. Your friends will be impressed with your savings prowess.

  • Feed The Pig!

    You're walking by Starbucks® and you decide to skip the latte. Why not add that $5 to your SmartyPig goal instead? You can do that here. Our mobile app makes it simple to add additional funds to your goal. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Cash Boost Rewards Anyone?

    Have the SmartyPig Cash Rewards Card? Check your balance, add funds to your card or better yet transfer funds immediately to your card from one of your existing goals. It's pretty slick!

  • Feeling Generous?

    Owe somebody some scratch? Our mobile app allows you to quickly find your friends on SmartyPig, see what they are saving for, and even contribute to their savings goals. We're serious.

  • Messages

    Do you have unread SmartyPig messages? No worries. Our app keeps track of all that important communication you receive regarding the activity of your SmartyPig account. Read 'em. Archive 'em. You choose!

  • Quick Access

    Set a quick 4-digit security code to quickly access your account. Or don't. Your choice. Just trying to make things easy on you.

Available on the AppStore Available in the Android Market