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"I recently started a "buy an awesome bed fund" with your services. Woo!"

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SmartyPig gives you the most money for your money. What does that mean? It means that after you’ve reached your savings goal, SmartyPig expands your buying power in a huge way. You can redeem all or part of your goal at one of our Retailer Gift Cards with big cash boost savings. Or you can send money and accumulated interest back to your funding source. Or any combination of the two. It’s entirely up to you.

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Retailer Gift Cards

Once you’ve reached your savings goal, you can earn up to 11% in cash boost savings by redeeming your goal for a Retailer Gift Card. You can even divide up your goal redemption among several Retailer Gift Cards, or put only a portion of your goal on a card or cards. See the full list of Retailer Gift Cards »

How Does the Retailer Gift Card Program Work?

Let’s say you’ve saved $2,000 and want to put those savings onto a Macy’s gift card for some new furniture. When you select this option, SmartyPig will give you a cash back savings of 11%. That’s $220 of FREE money to put back on a gift card and receive additional savings, or apply to your next SmartyPig goal. Where else but SmartyPig can you earn a double-digit yield on your savings?

That’s what we mean by the most money for your money — simple, smart and satisfying!