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The Road to Financial Recovery After Quarantine

What a trip! Last year was tough on everyone, but we’ve finally made it to the other side! While we may not be ready or able to get back to normal activities, we can begin our journey toward financial recovery, and Professor Pig has set these guideposts for you.

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Tips for Gifting in a Pandemic

Without a doubt, gift-giving during a pandemic is challenging, especially when we are avoiding stores and social distancing from family and friends. We have gathered a few tips to help you spread a little joy this holiday season, safely and with your savings goals in mind.

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Top tips to show gratitude

1.  Hop on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday marks the beginning of the charitable season and falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Learn more about this global movement here. No matter your situation, it is easy to think of ways to spread joy to those around you. Every little bit counts!

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