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Professor Pig’s Budgeting Basics

The recent supply chain shortages and price increases have made paying attention to your budget more important than ever. Professor Pig has some tips to help you organize your budget and find new ways to stay motivated so you can reach your savings goals!

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Clearing the Way to Financial Freedom

Did you know that clutter in your home is more than a roadblock to your financial freedom? It can actually cost you money! Experts have found that storing unused items can cost about $10 per square foot. Professor Pig has a few tips for reducing clutter in each area of your home and turning the chaos into cash!

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Budgeting for Furbaby

We tend to consider our pets as family members, and reports show a significant increase in pet ownership since the start of the pandemic. According to the ASPCA’s 2021 update of annual pet care costs, on average, the cost of owning a dog runs about $3,221 in the first year, with cats not far behind at $1,904.

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