Clearing the Way to Financial Freedom

Did you know that clutter in your home is more than a roadblock to your financial freedom? It can actually cost you money! Experts have found that storing unused items can cost about $10 per square foot. Professor Pig has a few tips for reducing clutter in each area of your home and turning the chaos into cash!

De-clutter Your Desk

When mail and paperwork accumulate on your desk, bills can get lost in the shuffle and lead to late fees. Plus, the pile can become a visual cue that leads to anxiety and avoidance, preventing you from focusing on and reaching your financial goals.

Simplify your workspace by setting up two bins: one for incoming items and one for items ready to be filed. Work to eliminate the clutter by opening mail promptly and sorting paperwork daily. Finally, reduce the volume of paper mail by enrolling in digital statements and paying bills online.

Get It Together in the Garage

Many people struggle to get rid of things. Maybe you think you'll need it again someday or that it will be of use to someone you know. Perhaps you attribute good memories to the item and just aren't ready to let go of the past. More than likely, you won't reach for the item again and may not even remember you have it when the time comes. More importantly, there could be profits hiding in that pigsty!

Cash in on your clutter by selling unused items. It only takes a few moments to snap photos of your old tools, clothes, sports equipment, and toys and post them to sites like Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay. Once Upon a Child has stores nationwide and is a great place to sell and buy gently used kids' clothes. For collector's items, check out sites like Flipsy, which can tell you everything you need to know about selling Lego, and American Girl Consignment, which can give beloved American Girl dolls a new home. If you're lucky, your items will sell quickly, putting cash in your hand, and you on your way to a cleaner home and fuller pocketbook!

Streamline Your Supplies

Set yourself up for saving success by organizing your supplies. Keep an inventory of regularly used foods and canned goods in your pantry. Ensure your cleaning supplies are well-stocked and personal care items up to date. You are less likely to purchase duplicate items and spend money unnecessarily when you know what you have on hand.

Consolidate Your Closets

Most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. Fall is a perfect time to take stock of your clothes, simplify your wardrobe, and say goodbye to things that no longer work for you. ThredUp and Poshmark have made it easier than ever to sell items and update your style! 

The start of the holiday season is the perfect time to share your blessings with others. Consider donating lightly used clothing to those in need. If you itemize your taxes, your donations may make you eligible for tax deductions. Be sure to request and save detailed receipts for all non-monetary donations of more than $250. Mileage to and from the drop-off location is eligible as well!

Set yourself up for success by taking time once or twice a year to organize your home and get rid of the things that may be blocking your path to financial freedom. When the critical areas that keep your home running are in order, you're more likely to make better purchasing decisions and remain focused on your savings goals.

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