Piglet Goes to College! How to Save Money on Campus

If your piglet is heading to college this year, you know how important it is to budget for back to school. Professor Pig is here to help with a few money-saving tips for campus co-eds.

Show That Student ID

Colleges and universities provide a wealth of free actives for students, including concerts, movie nights, and fitness options. For other expenses, students need to keep their student ID handy.

Students should ask for education discounts at every checkout counter. From school supplies, electronics, and clothing to movie theaters, theme parks, and museums, most businesses offer deals to those with a valid student ID. Restaurants do as well, but it is best to ask for a discount when ordering rather than afterward. 

Cash In

Paying with cash can help piglets pay attention to what they are spending. With greater awareness and control over their budget, they are more likely to stay within their limits.

Depending on the retailer, it may be possible to negotiate a small discount when paying in cash as it saves the retailer fees associated with card processing. Best of all, cash is anonymous, secure, and accepted everywhere!

Read All About It

There are more options for saving money on textbooks than ever before! From sharing e-books to renting or buying used, there are several ways to save.

It is no longer necessary to purchase textbooks from campus retailers. Many independent and online retailers offer the same books at reduced prices, so be sure to shop around! Barnes & Noble and Chegg offer high-quality used books and textbook rentals. Discount and outlet stores are another great option for used textbooks. At the end of the school year, sell back the books for even more savings!

The campus library is a tremendous asset for co-eds! More than books, students can access computers, software, and printers. SmartyPigs schedule their visits during off-hours when it is less crowded.

Avoid Pigging-Out

Dining out can gobble up a budget! A few small changes can save big money for today’s students.

Investing in a good coffee maker and well-insulated travel mug can save up to $5 per day or $750 over the school year!

Packing a lunch and a few snacks is a healthy and economical alternative to dining out and easier than ever with newly popular reusable zip-top and lunch box options. Here are some more expert tips for saving money in the kitchen.

In addition to meal plans for campus residents, many universities are now offering commuter meal plans. Eating out is tempting but using the meal plan to its fullest is the wiser choice.

A reusable water bottle is one of the simplest ways to save money every day: an average of $3 per day or $500 over the school year! 

Work It

We know that SmartyPigs do the (side) hustle; this applies to the piglets too! When the class schedule doesn’t allow for a part-time job, a side hustle tutoring or making deliveries is a great option for students. 

Internships often count for class credit and are an excellent way for students to immerse themselves in their field of study and learn essential business skills like problem solving and communication.

Be sure to help your student set up a variety of SmartyPig accounts and encourage them to save a portion of each paycheck so they can watch their progress towards their savings goals!

Professor Pig wishes all the college co-eds a great start to the school year!

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