Professor Pig’s Ideas for Pinching Pennies

Living through a global pandemic has taught us a lot, including being thankful for what we have and adapting to a new normal. Savvy savers learned just how far we could stretch a dollar! To help you make the most of your budget this New year, Professor Pig has some tips for shopping for essentials.

Rooting for Good Deals

It’s easy to dig out bargains when you know where to look! Start with apps like ibotta and for cashback on groceries and other essentials at national grocery, home improvement, and big box stores.

Memberships at wholesale clubs like provide a range of benefits, from cashback and free shipping to discounts on specialty services like eyecare and prescriptions. 

Subscription programs from Amazon, Target, and Walmart have gone beyond good deals and 2-day delivery. They now include free local grocery delivery in many areas and complimentary movie and music streaming.

Watch for specials from your local grocer and take advantage of combo deals when planning your weekly menu. In some cases, the fliers are online, but you may want to think twice before recycling the flier in your mailbox!

Make it a habit to run a quick search for a coupon or promotional code before finalizing an online purchase and save your receipt so you can request a price adjustment if your item(s) go on sale in the two weeks immediately following your purchase.

Foraging for Groceries

When it comes to groceries, shopping at different stores for different types of items can pay off! Big box and warehouse stores are likely the best bet for stocking up on non-perishable groceries.

Store brands are another great way to save money on items identical to the brand names but with a lower price point.

For fresh meat and produce, look to your local grocers and farmer’s markets. It is more important than ever to support local business owners. Beyond keeping money in your local economy, you are likely to find interesting specials and be able to afford the organic produce that may be too pricy at the larger stores.

Try to buy only what you need and are likely to use. It is easy to get distracted by discounts on larger packages, but if you aren’t likely to use it up by the expiration date, you’re just wasting money.

Cleaning the Barn

Shopping for deals on household items has been challenging. New sites like Instok notify shoppers of stores with items in stock and even help you compare prices!

If you still struggle to find what you need, consider DIY alternatives. A diluted bleach solution can disinfect as well as pricy wipes. It’s easy to find recipes for making natural cleaning products with typical household like products lemon, baking soda, and salt. 

This is a great opportunity to transition from single-use items to more sustainable solutions that save money! Swap paper towels for newspaper when cleaning windows and glass. Use plastic and glass food storage containers instead of zip top bags and replace paper napkins with cloth alternatives.

Last year was tough, but hopefully, you formed a few good habits to take into the New Year. Remain focused on your savings goals, be frugal with your money, and use this time to enjoy creating delicious meals, enjoying a movie marathon, or the great outdoors!

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