Tips for Gifting in a Pandemic

Without a doubt, gift-giving during a pandemic is challenging, especially when we are avoiding stores and social distancing from family and friends. We have gathered a few tips to help you spread a little joy this holiday season, safely and with your savings goals in mind.

Raise Spirits Not Debt

The holidays are an ideal time to raise friends and loved ones' spirits, as long as you can do so without increasing your debt. Start by making a holiday spending budget that includes ingredients for all the family meals and baked goods, gifts for family and friends, and of course, seasonal decorations. Make your list and check it twice - against your financial savings goals. Spending can quickly get out of hand during the holiday rush. Maintain your finances by getting organized ahead of time.

Avoid Crowded Stores

Shopping online this holiday season can help you stay safe and get more done! Keep local artisans and boutiques in mind as they may be struggling to stay afloat this year. Now, you can even go online to sites where craftspeople sell their handmade goods. These are great places to find carefully crafted gifts. Remember to hit the virtual marketplaces early to account for shipping time. The USPS recommends mailing packages before December 15 to ensure timely delivery.

A subscription service is a great gift idea that you can send without going into a store or post office. From coffee to snacks and toys, you're sure to satisfy everyone on your list!

Use Extra time to DIY

Joy comes from within - your kitchen or craft room! Homemade gifts are often the most heartfelt way to show someone you care. With grocery and craft supply delivery, it is easier than ever to DIY at home. Whether you bake treats, sew masks, or craft decorations, dropping a little something on a friend or neighbor's doorstep is sure to make them feel special.

Reroute Your Savings

Since travel is unlikely this year, why not reallocate funds earmarked for holiday travel toward your 2021 savings goals? Set up a variety of goals using your high-yield savings account from SmartyPig. Getting a jump start on your savings will help you reach your goals even faster!

We hope you make the most of this holiday season by staying safe, enjoying time at home, using your talents to spread joy to your community, and getting a jump start on your savings goals.

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