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Budgeting for Furbaby

We tend to consider our pets as family members, and reports show a significant increase in pet ownership since the start of the pandemic. According to the ASPCA’s 2021 update of annual pet care costs, on average, the cost of owning a dog runs about $3,221 in the first year, with cats not far behind at $1,904.

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Piglet Goes to College! How to Save Money on Campus

If your piglet is heading to college this year, you know how important it is to budget for back to school. Professor Pig is here to help with a few money-saving tips for campus co-eds.

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Professor Pig’s Tips for Saving Money in the Kitchen

Professor Pig is an expert at financial planning, but did you know he’s a connoisseur in the kitchen too? He knows that careful planning, thoughtful recipes, strategic shopping, and preparation are the keys to success. Read on for simple ways to save money in the kitchen!

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