Balancing Love and Money

Couples who appear to have a lot in common may have very different philosophies when it comes to money. When one member of a relationship is a saver while one is a spender, it could lead to discord. But, if you think about it, it’s actually a great combination!

Savers, who are practical and methodical about their financial decisions, can teach spenders how to set and attain financial goals, while spenders can show the savers how to enjoy splurging (within limits!) from time to time. The most important thing is to understand yourself and each other and be open in your communications.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Strong relationships are built on communication, so come clean from the start. Be honest about your spending habits, budgeting techniques, debts, and financial goals. Likewise, don’t hide money from your partner. A secret credit card or hidden savings account can only lead to feelings of distrust.

No matter what formed your philosophies on money, be understanding of where the other is coming from, acknowledge their motivations, and be sensitive to their past circumstances. While finances can be a difficult and intensely personal topic, coming to an understanding and setting expectations early on can bring you closer together.

A Budget and Promise

Ideally, your budget will strike a balance between paying off debt and putting money towards future purchases. Be sure to include your fixed monthly payments, discretionary expenses, debt, an emergency fund, and a variety of personal savings goals.

Whether you decide to split things down the middle or divide expenses using percentages of income, agree about who pays for what upfront. During your discussions, try to focus on meeting in the middle to ensure everyone’s needs are met, and you both leave feeling positive about your decisions.

Finally, promise to maintain the open lines of communication and revisit the budget and your progress towards your goals regularly.

Plan a Regular Money Date

Routine chats about your money and plans are so important in a relationship. While keeping each other on track, you build trust and strength.

Consider monthly check-in “dates” where both parties discuss and pay bills while tracking progress towards savings goals. Money talk can be overwhelming, so make it fun and rewarding by sharing a treat together after.

While spenders and savers may not share philosophies on money, with open communication, you can be an unstoppable combination!


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