Professor Pig's Holiday Shopping Tips

The holiday season seems to start earlier every year! With retailers putting up tempting displays and offering discounts earlier than ever, it's easy to get caught up in the moment and overspend. Here are tips to help you take advantage of the deals while staying on track for your savings goals.

Start Now

Start your holiday shopping early, so you have plenty of time to find the best offer for the items on your list. Many retailers, including Target and Amazon, are already offering deep discounts. It is difficult not to get carried away but keep your focus on your list and pre-selected items.

Before you add to cart, compare deals online to ensure you find the best price. Various apps aggregate historical pricing from popular retailers to compare current offers and can help you ensure you're finding the best price. Try to shop at retailers offering price matching, save your receipt, and watch future offers. If they lower the price, you can request a refund for the difference.

A year of supply chain delays is driving consumers to shop early to ensure they get the most in-demand items. However, it also allows you to be thoughtful about your purchases and avoid impulse buying while providing the peace of mind that you will find the hot ticket items before the holiday rush.

Shop Strategically

Where you find the best deals depends on the items on your shopping list, but retailers are trying hard to recapture consumer attention across the board.

Keep an eye out for overstock sales and rollback pricing at discount retailers and department stores on items including casual clothing, furniture, and electronics. Managing the influx of shipments has been challenging, and stores need to move things quickly to make room for new items.

Don't forget about the local shops and boutiques in your area! These small businesses and other specialty retailers had a tough time during the pandemic and are offering great deals to recapture your attention and regain your business.

Think Outside the (Gift) Box

Consider innovative and sustainable items for the folks on your list this year! Gifting a subscription to a music or TV streaming service can give them unlimited access to great content and games. Gift cards for food delivery services like Grubhub or DoorDash allow the recipient to choose their treat and maybe try something new! Best of all, thinking outside the (gift) box can benefit your wallet and our environment.

Spend Smart

Amid an uncertain economy and inflated prices, you'll want to take advantage of all available coupons and discounts to stretch your holiday budget. Remember that how you spend your holiday budget is just as important as where you spend it.

Try to stack discounts by finding deals on store gift cards and spending them during store-wide sales. Use store credit cards where you can earn points or cash back but try to avoid carrying a balance into the new year.

Professor Pig hopes these simple tools will help you find the best deals for your holiday shopping and maintain your savings goals so you can finish the year strong!

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