Smart Travel Tips

Many people think overseas trips are expensive and out of reach. The truth is, an extraordinary vacation is possible when you know the hottest tips.

The micro trip is the latest travel trend and a great way to take advantage of a long weekend. With proper planning, this travel phenomenon is an excellent way to maximize your experience while minimizing expenses.

Savvy Saving

If you already have a dedicated travel account and are setting aside money for future adventures regularly, you’re on the right track!

When planning your micro-trip, develop your budget by researching the average daily costs in a variety of destinations. Experienced travelers have been known to spend as little as $1,200 for a four-day trip abroad! Keep in mind that about 70% of your money will likely be spent on airfare and lodging, with the remainder for food and miscellaneous items.

Motivate yourself by setting a specific financial goal and a deadline for your trip and kickstart your efforts with a larger first-time deposit.

Brilliant Booking

Micro trips are all about timing, so travel deal websites are the best place to start. By having a variety of destinations in mind and planning several trips at once, you’ll be able to cash in on travel discounts that pop up throughout the year.

When developing your budget, strategize and balance a pricier flight with a lower priced hotel. Or if you find a deal on a room, splurge on an upgraded seat on the plane!

For the best deals, be flexible with your departure time. Visit your dream destination during off-peak travel seasons when lodging is cheaper, and attractions are less crowded.

To save on lodging, consider flying overnight! Leaving after work on a Friday evening, and sleeping on the plane will save money typically spent on a hotel room and allow you to arrive at your destination ready to explore.

Get rewarded for everyday purchases like gas and groceries throughout the year by leveraging specialty travel credit cards. You’ll save on airfare and hotels and may receive a variety of discount offers. If you use the same card on your vacation, you’ll begin to rack up points and savings for your next adventure!

Purposeful Packing

When packing their bags, most folks get caught up in fear of the unknown and overpack. While it is important to be prepared, you need less than you think.
Start by selecting the right lightweight carry-on bag. Choose one that of adequate size, but not too big, as you may be tempted to fill it. When traveling overseas, you’re likely to handle it yourself more often so try to strategize and minimize the items you bring along.

To ensure you are packing appropriate clothing for your destination, research other traveler’s experiences on social media, blogs and travel forums. Select versatile options in a similar color scheme that can be worn in a variety of circumstances and dressed up or down. Thin, breathable pieces can be layered and pack easily. Roll your items to avoid wrinkles and safe space. Toiletries can also be minimized as they are easy to replenish on the trip if necessary.

When it comes to technology, consider bringing an iPad rather than a laptop. Store backup copies of your travel documents in the cloud and download plenty of books and podcasts. You’ll want to bring along a power converter, but in a pinch, you can charge your phone or iPad using the USB port on the back of most televisions.

By opening yourself up to new travel possibilities, you’ll be able to experience new destinations and learn about other cultures. Soak it up and enjoy your trip!

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