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Wednesday January 04, 2023

How to make financial resolutions that stick

Trying a new hobby. Losing a few pounds. Learning a new language. Dating more (or less, maybe?), visiting friends, doing yoga…they’re all great New Year’s …

Wednesday December 07, 2022

1 Hour of Planning = 1 Year of Successful Saving!

Did you know that as little as one hour of planning can set you up for a year of successful saving? Professor Pig has a few quick tips to get you ready to …

Wednesday October 05, 2022

The Science Of Saving

Building your savings may not be easy, especially on a tight budget. But it isn’t an out-of-this-world concept either. Professor Pig has researched the …

Wednesday August 03, 2022

Complicate Spending to Accelerate Your Savings!

To fast-track your savings and achieve your financial goals, you may need to find new ways of making spending more difficult. From short-term items like …

Wednesday July 06, 2022

5 Habits of Successful Savers

Effective financial planning begins with good habits. If you foster these five saving habits, you’ll be on your way to achieving your financial …

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